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“Integrity-Dedication-Quality” – this is the motto by which Demeritt Painting has operated since 1987. Our staff are not just skilled professionals with a great work ethic, they are also some of the most trustworthy people we know. We are not the type of company that rushes through a project just to get it done, we are dedicated to getting the project done to your satisfaction. Perhaps most importantly, we strive for quality in our work. This is the motto that has helped us build a reputation of excellence over our nearly 30 years serving the people of the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Our services are many, but the qualities of our company do not change regardless of service. Whether we are painting the interior of your business, painting the exterior of your home, refinishing your deck, or any of our other services, you can expect only the highest quality materials and the highest quality workmanship, all at a fair price. Our goal is to take potentially stressful situations such as getting your home painted and turn them into a hassle-free, efficient process that gives you long lasting results. Our staff will strive to make the project as easy as possible for you while getting the work done promptly and professionally.

Here at Demeritt Painting, we are regular people just like you. We make every effort to be understanding and accommodating to our customers while providing excellent service and results. We feel that this philosophy has helped us become a respected business, and we look forward to proving it again and again on every project we work on. Please feel free to contact us today and see what service we can provide for your home or business!